Every 80 Seconds

Every 80 seconds a life is changed. A family loses everything they own, everything they love. With the help of American Red Cross volunteers and donors, the Cincinnati Region of the American Red Cross is able to provide food, shelter and assistance during the darkest hours.

Join Us

Join Us

Last year alone, the Cincinnati Region responded to over 600 disasters and most of them where home fires.

The Greater Chicago Red Cross has come up with the most unique way of showing just how much damage can be done within a matter of moments.

When a family survives a fire without deaths or injuries, they usually first think of their pictures – the memories that can’t be replaced. One of my most striking memories as a disaster volunteer was helping this family wipe away smoke damage from baby photos that we were relieved to find intact.

Visit http://every80seconds.com/and get a glimpse of what it’s like to lose your most precious memories. At the end of your visit, all of your photos will be fully recovered

Share this inspiring link with everyone you know. Then join us by volunteering, getting prepared and making a donation.  Seconds will change a life. Thank you for your support!


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