Saving Lives Breakfast

Last Wednesday we held our 6th Annual Saving Lives Breakfast. It was a great success! We are so thankful to our current donors and volunteers and excited to have the new donors and volunteers who have joined our mission.

Saving Lives Breakfast

6th Annual Saving Lives Breakfast

Hosted by Board Chair Craig Young the event highlighted the many live-saving services the Cincinnati Chapter provides to over 2 million people in its 25-county service area.

After a brief welcome and introduction, Lt. Commander Mo Efimba, Commanding Officer of the Navy Operational Support Center led the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a presentation by Chapter Chief Executive Officer Sara Peller who shared the Chapters “Vision of Service”.

Then a brief video told the story of two life-saving incidents that were the result of Red Cross services.  The first was the story of a hearing-impaired gentleman who escaped a horrific mobile home fire when he was alerted by a special Red Cross smoke alarm designed specifically for the hearing-impaired.

The second story involved a Cincinnati man who went into cardiac arrest and was saved by two bystanders who provided CPR until medical help arrived.  Both had been trained and certified by the Cincinnati Chapter.

Do you have a life saving story? Share yours with us! 🙂



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