Support Your Local Red Cross: WCPO Telethon

Many people don’t realize that the Cincinnati Region of the American Red Cross responds, on average, to 2-3 disasters a day! So many people donate to the Red Cross when there is a large-scale disaster, but the local disasters happen daily  to your neighbors, friends and sometimes family members and your help to support these disasters are needed just as much as if where a large-scale disaster.

On Wednesday, March 30th we will be having a telethon on WCPO Channel 9 to raise money for local disaster relief. With your help, we can continue to provide hope to those right here in our community.

A donation of $20 can provide hot meals to 2 people.

A donation of $45 can provide a personal care kit for 15 people.

A donation of $200 can provide one day of food and shelter for 1 family.

Whatever your gift might be, know that your donation will go a long way and help those right around the corner. Everyday there is a fire right in our own back yard and though it might not be a wide-spread disaster, to that family, neighbor or friend it is major and with your help, your Red Cross will be there to provide HOPE.

Thank you for your support!


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