Red Cross Volunteers Participate in Hispanic Wellness & Health Fair in Price Hill

Submitted by: Maribel McGonagle, Cincinnati Region Volunteer Specialist

Last Sunday, April 17, bilingual Red Cross volunteers reached out to over 200 hundred Price Hill community residents who attended the 2011 Hispanic Wellness and Health Fair organized by Santa Maria Community Services.

Volunteers shared information about Red Cross services as well as health and safety tips. Kids received coloring books in Spanish about how to prepare for disasters and their parents received information about how to handle emergencies. However, the most popular feature at the Red Cross table was the live presentation on how to perform hands only Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

The CPR demonstration was conducted in Spanish by new bilingual volunteer Josh Eckley, who just returned from Guatemalaas a Red Cross volunteer and recently joined the Cincinnati Red Cross volunteer team. Other volunteers, included Patty Aguirre, Ana Maria Norabuena, Juana Juarez, Stephanie Kravec.

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If there are any events that you would like the Cincinnati Region of the American Red Cross to participate please feel free to leave a comment below, contact our volunteer specialist or call 513-579-3946.


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