Hope is Around Every Corner


Three months.  It has already been three months since the devastating Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast.  Many have lost their home or loved ones in this tragedy, but out of the shadow of adversity springs the light of hope.  For many, the Red Cross provides just that: Hope.

The response by the Red Cross to Hurricane Sandy victims was overwhelming.  Nationally, the American Red Cross has received $254 million dollars in donations, and has spent or plans to spend $145 million dollars, with the rest going to individuals and communities to help with long term needs.  While there has been an enormous amount of money raised, one of the most impressive and hope inspiring numbers is 16,800.  This is the number of trained workers that responded to the hurricane relief efforts with the Red Cross.  Over 15,000 of those workers are volunteers who are spendinIMG_3762g their own time helping with the relief efforts.

Over 100 volunteers were deployed from the Greater Cincinnati-Dayton Region of the American Red Cross.  Vince Costello (see picture on side) is on one of them.  He is part of a team distributing meals, snacks, and water all over the east coast in an effort to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  There are Volunteers from all over the nation helping in these efforts.

The Red Cross is focusing on helping three demographics of people who were affected the most by the super storm: People whom lost their home, people in states that did not receive federal disaster money, and people whom have not been aided by insurance or FEMA yet.

hurricane sandy infoThe Red Cross provides more than supplies and money to people in need.  We provide hope.  We provide a helping hand that comes from volunteers, donors, and friends of the Red Cross.


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