Everyday Heroes

spiderman red cross

You don’t have to be Batman or Spiderman to become a hero.  Each and every person can be a hero each and every day.  By being a good neighbor to those around you, helping an elderly woman cross the street, or just saying hello and brightening someone’s day.  You never know what kind of impact you might make on someone.  That is what a hero is right?  A hero is someone who makes a positive impact on someone each and every day.

The Red Cross is lucky to have heroes in which we rely on to bring hope and inspiration to others.  This March, we will be highlighting many different people whom we consider Everyday Heroes.  Can you make an impact by merely giving a little girl a stuffed bear?  Of course you can!  Can you be a hero if you change your family vacation plans to go help those in need during Hurricane Sandy?  You bet you can!

IIndigoLifelogot does not matter how big or smart you are; every single person can be a hero to someone else.  For us, Dayton based company, Indigo Life Media, is a hero.  They have given their services to the Red Cross to help us show you what it really means to be an Everyday Hero, this coming March.  We consider them our friends and our heroes for helping us in a time of need.

Get out there in your community, make a difference, and be a hero!  The impact you can make on someone can be life changing for both of you.  Check back in March to learn more about these amazing every day heroes.


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