Red Cross Month: Everyday Hero Style!

Eh, Everyday Hero
Op op op op oppan RED CROSS Style!
Eh, Everyday Hero
Op op op op oppan RED CROSS Style!

Red Cross Month is here!  And this year, we’re celebrating the month Everyday Hero style. What does that mean, you ask? Well, we’re telling the Red Cross story through the eyes of our supporters, recognizing our Everyday Heroes who help their community by giving of themselves – the volunteers, class takers and financial supporters who help us assist those in need. These stories bring to life the experience of going through a disaster, being volunteer, or donor, in their own way.  Which was a much more authentic, more power, more trustworthy story. Real stories by real people, from our area! We can’t think of a better way of sharing the Red Cross story.

We kicked off the month with a press conference, last Thursday commemorating the Red Cross response to the March 2nd Tornadoes and officially launching the COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster).  The press conference began with a reading of the March is Red Cross Month proclamation, by Councilman Cecil Thomas, on behalf of the mayor of Cincinnati!

This year, through celebrating and recognizing everyday heroes, we want to inspire people to get involved with the American Red Cross.  You can become one of those who help with disasters, volunteer their time, or help in any way.  With that said, here are a few stories, told from the eyes of our supporters that really touched our hearts.

 Izabella Hall is a 6 year old girl that has inspired us.  While most children her age yearn for a large pile of presents on Christmas morning, Izabella asked Santa to give her presents to children who lost their homes in Hurricane Sandy.  According to Izabella, the American Red Cross is an organization that “helps people when they need help.”  So, when Izabella heard about children losing their homes to Hurricane Sandy, she wanted to help people too.  With the help of her family, Izabella raised $105 for the Red Cross in her donation only bake sale.  She donated the money with this letter to Santa, “Dear Santa, I don’t want presents for Christmas.  Please give my presents to people who lost their homes.”

Every person can he a hero in their own way.  To learn more about the Red Cross and how you can become a Red Cross hero, visit


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