March: Red Cross Month and National Women’s History Month

clara bartonMarch is Red Cross Month as well as National Women’s History Month.  Here at the Red Cross, this is a particularly special time of celebration.  Not only are we celebrating Red Cross month and our amazing volunteers and supporters but we also have a special tie to National Women’s Month as so many influential women have made their mark on the Red Cross.  One of those women, in particular, is our founder, Clara Barton.  Clara was one of the most influential women to ever lead an organization in this country.  Women have accomplished so much in our society, we would like to take a moment to celebrate how Clara shaped our organization to become great.

Clara Barton was a Massachusetts school teacher who worked as a clerk for the US Government.  When the Civil War broke out in 1861, Clara saw a need for nurses on the battlefield and quit her job to go help those in need.  She saw a glaring need for volunteers and her heart led her to what needed to be done.  After the war, she traveled to Europe in 1869 to learn about the International Red Cross movement.  She was determined to help all people in need, and in 1881 founded the American Red Cross.  12 years after Clara started the Red Cross, she and the other volunteers helped over 30,000 people who were left homeless after a hurricane in South Carolina.  The Red Cross was there when we first started and we are here today as strong and passionate as ever.

In March we celebrate the Red Cross past, present, and future.  We cannot possibly celebrate what we have done in the past without celebrating the accomplishments that women have made in our organization.  Clara Barton was the first woman of the Red Cross, and there are many more women today doing very important work for the Red Cross.  So, during Red Cross Month, remember all of the women who have made a difference for the Red Cross and in your lives.  Celebrate Red Cross Month and National Women’s History Month with us!


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