Don’t Just Bark About It!

pet first aid

Don’t just sit there and bark about safety, be about it!

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month, and all month we will be giving tips on how to keep your pets safe and healthy with Spring starting.  Pets are part of the family, so whether you are a dog person, a cat person, or have other types of pets, we all need to keep them safe and keep them in the family!

There are many things we need to look out for as the weather warms up and our pets are outside having a good time.  Heat Stroke is a serious problem for pets.  You can tell that your pet has heat stroke if your pet is panting heavily and his or her gums are bright red.  This means that their body temperature is over 105 degrees.  Cool the pet off with a hose until the temperature hits 103 and take the pet to a veterinarian immediately.  We always want to look out for the safety of our beloved pets!

There are many steps we can take to ensure that fido stays healthy and happy.  Pets need exercise!  Going on walks with your pets can be a great way to give them exercise.  Along with exercise and just like us, pets need lots of cool water to rehydrate them.  People say that, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  Pets need to go to the doctor for yearly checkups!  To ensure health, veterinarians need to check up on all of your pets.

Just like us, pets must evacuate in emergencies as well.  We prepare care kits for our family including food and water, but rarely do we think of packing for our family pet.  In the case of emergency, pack up a care package for your pet as well including food, water, leash, and toys to keep them entertained.  They will be just as worried as you are.  Also, if you are forced to evacuate to a Red Cross shelter, please make arrangements for your pets.  Because of health and safety concerns, we can not accept pets at our shelters, so know who you can leave your pet with in the case of an emergency.

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