What You Can’t “Dodge” Can Kill You! Dodge Ball Teaches Kids the Rules of War!

IHL dodgeballhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwqRo4Xkix8

Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and avoid landmines!  These are 4 of the 5 D’s used in the movie DodgeBall plus a rule implemented in our IHL Action Campaign!  On Tuesday, April 9 4 students (Three from Walnut Hills High School and one from the School of Creative and Performing Arts) staged an International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Action Campaign at the School of Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati to educate the students on the rules of war.  And they did it by playing dodge ball!

Students in the 9th and 10th grade ducked, dodged, and even hopped their way through the game that simulated the laws of war. If the students stepped on a “landmine”, they had to hop on one leg for the rest of the round.  If the student is hit with a “weapon” or an enemy soldier catches a weapon (ball), the student must sit on the ground until a Red Cross “doctor” revives them.  Halfway through the game, the student facilitators stopped the game and identified a certain group of students, based on the first letter of their last name, who had been “killed” by chemical warfare.  After this, the game continued until the time ran out.

Most people do not realize that there are rules everyone must follow in times of war to make it fair and ethical for all sides that are involved.  This program focused on illegal weapons and law, but other topics that our International Humanitarian Law Action Campaign covers are torture, war crimes, justice, protection of civilians, rights of the prisoners of war, genocide, and child soldiers.  While this program was held by the Red Cross, it was our youth volunteers that facilitated the event.  Alyssa, Carolina, Emma, and Nicholas all did a killer job teaching their peers about the rules of war and about our IHL Action Campaign.

In the activity, the students participated in a dodge ball competition which simulated warfare.

There will be more IHL Action Campaign coming up this month!  April 18 at Withrow High School and April 27 at Wittenberg University are both opportunities to learn more about the International Humanitarian Law Action Campaign!


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