13 is the Lucky Number for the Red Cross!

JolandoJolando Thornton is no ordinary 13 year old.  While most kids his age spend their spare time playing video games or playing outside, Jolando spends his time volunteering for the Red Cross!  “I like to help people because it makes me feel happy.”  Jolando is a unique 13 year old in a lot of aspects.  “I like to spend my time volunteering with the Red Cross and going to school.  I love to learn and help people.”

Jolando has done many different things with the Red Cross.  From helping with Easter egg hunts and building vials of life for volunteers, to helping collect mail cards for the Heroes Mail Campaign to send Christmas letters to soldiers overseas, he has been a very busy Red Cross volunteer!  “I like volunteering for the Red Cross because it always makes me feel better when I help people.  When people don’t help others, people get grouchy, and I don’t like to be grouchy.  I like to see how other people are and what situation people are in.  I just like to help others.”

Jolando likes helping the Red Cross in part because of Christine Birhanzl.  Christine was one of the Red Cross professionals that helped Jolando get involved with the Red Cross.  “Two years ago I met Christine and started helping her with the Red Cross.  She is my go to guy for volunteering.  She lets me know how and where to volunteer.  I wouldn’t be volunteering for the Red Cross if it weren’t for Christine.”

Needless to say, Jolando has a very bright future ahead of him.  “I want to go to college and graduate and work for the Red Cross when I grow up.”  But before he can do that, Jolando has many great opportunities ahead of him with the Red Cross.  Christine Birhanzl says, “Because of Jolando’s hard work and dedication to the Red Cross, I am taking him on a mission trip to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota to help me build houses and schools for two weeks this summer.  It will be an amazing opportunity for us.”

Jolando is an amazing Red Crosser and he inspires us everyday to do good things in our community.  Jolando says, “Volunteering for the Red Cross is a fun opportunity and they are a GREAT organization!  I love volunteering for the Red Cross.”

Since this week is National Volunteer Week for the American Red Cross, we wanted to say thank you to Jolando for his amazing service to our organization!  You rock, Jolando!

We know there are many other youth out there that love to volunteer their time and we would love for you to get involved with the American Red Cross by applying for the 2013 Leadership Development Center (LDC)!  It is a 4 day and 3 night event for youth in grades 8-11 that would like to learn more about leadership, public speaking, and volunteering with the Red Cross!  The LDC this year is from July 18-21.  If you would like to apply please go to http://american.redcross.org/ldccincinnatiarc to apply for this awesome opportunity!


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