April Showers Bring May Flowers! May Flowers Bring…..ALLERGIES!!

allergiesAAACHUUUU!  Gesundheit!  It is getting to be that time of year where the warm weather graces us with its beauty, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and of course many people are indoors because it is allergy season!  I know what you are thinking, “What can I do to prevent my allergies from keeping me from enjoying this beautiful weather?”  Well, we have some helpful tips here at the Red Cross that can save you from being stuck inside and sneezing the day away!

Pollen from those May Flowers is one of the leading causes of allergies.  Try to stay indoors during peak pollen times of the day, between 5:00-10:00 A.M.  If you do need to go outside, be sure to wear sun glasses or some type of eye protection to keep the pollen out of your eyes.  If you’re eyes start to feel itchy, STOP!  Do not rub them!  That could introduce your eyes to even more pollen, dirt, and germs.  Instead, dab them with a wet cloth for relief.

Cleanliness is essential for staying healthy.  Make sure to wash your hands regularly.  This will reduce your exposure to pollen and other germs that can cause allergies.  Also, if you have been outdoors for an extended amount of time, be sure to shower or bathe before you go to bed and close your windows closed at night.  Allergies can keep you up at night, causing you to not get a good night’s rest, in turn causing your next day to be less productive.  Don’t let allergies keep you down!

Allergies can be a major cause of sickness in our area from year to year, don’t let allergies keep you from being the best you can be!

We took the liberty of gathering these tips from consumerreports.org!  If you want more tips on First Aid, download our smartphone app Red Cross First Aid!


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