“Youth empowering youth – to lead and to serve”


Young, old, big or small – anyone can be a leader. This summer at the Leadership Development Camp, the campers (ages 13-17) discovered how they can become leaders in their communities through fun activities and guest speakers. The American Red Cross is proud to help prepare youth from all different backgrounds to face the challenges ahead and provide individuals with the tools to become a leader.

Campers worked through various team-building activities each day and learned how to work with each other, despite their diverse backgrounds. “My favorite activity was the egg drop because when we were creating our device we had to use teamwork and my family group was able to work together very well,“ said Isabel Eliassen, a first time LDC camper and sophomore at Covington Latin. “It was great to see how well my group worked together and got to use all our newly learned skills to create a winning contraption.”

The campers were taught the qualities that make a great leader and how to develop and improve those skills. Leadership is not dependent on social status, background or gender, but the qualities within an individual. “I will use the skills I learned in everyday life because leaders do not have to be famous people. They can be regular people who decide to step up because they have self-confidence, which was one important thing we were taught at LDC,” said Isabel.

Like at any other summer camp, friendships were formed that will go well beyond the four days of the LDC experience. Campers not only walked away with new leadership skills and knowledge to help them through challenges, but with many new friends to share those memories with.  Many campers expressed they will be back at the camp next year because they had so much fun and learned so many useful, everyday skills.


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