Time to Check that Kit!

PHSS stock photography - PreparednessSo I’ve been a Red “Crosser” for years, have the whole Make a Plan, Get a Kit thing down;  I’ve even downloaded the Tornado and First Aid app to my phone, so I’m thinking I’ve done my checklist for Preparedness Month, time to relax and wait for the new fall shows.  Then I come across this happy little youtube clip  http://youtu.be/Ua1SoRnrJX8  and I think, hmmm, when or how update our emergency kit last?  I’m pretty sure it’s my husband and now I’m panicked, so off to the garage I fly, pull down my kit and find, well, exactly what you think I would find…..

  • Two flashlights with no batteries, I knew buying flashlights that use the same batteries as the television remote would be a problem.
  • Container of peanut butter, obviously opened, with green something growing in it.
  • My personal favorite, the empty water jugs, with dirty hand prints remarkably that look just like the nine-year olds.

Well, you get the picture, although not quite as bad as the video, my emergency kit was a disaster and no way was it going to be a help when we lose power during a storm or snowed in sometime this winter.  So, I make my list of what I need, pilfer what I can from my pantry, even stealing back a few batteries from the remotes and take note of what I need to buy over the next few weeks to complete the kit.  Lesson learned, even an old Red Cross dog can learn new tricks, up next work on my family plan!  Stay tuned.


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