Signs of the Season



Ah fall, crisp breezes with falling colored leaves, High School football games under beautiful starry skies, sure signs of changing season, but there is another sign….wait for it……wait for it……Fire Prevention Month!!!  Yes, we at the Red Cross are reminding you that while sipping apple cider, toasting marshmallows and enjoying the last days before winter, don’t forget to talk to your family about fire prevention.  Literally, the biggest disaster threat to families across our nation every day isn’t a flood or hurricane; it’s fire. Yes, simple to start, sometimes preventable, the common house fire. Last year the American Red Cross responded to numerous fires, caused by a variety of reasons. All across the country, local Red Cross volunteers respond to family fires in their communities, providing shelter, food, clothing and much more to start the families on their road to recovery

That’s why the American Red Cross is encouraging people to take steps to minimize the risk of home fires by remembering two key fire safety steps:

  • install smoke alarms and
  • develop a fire escape plan

It is recommended that people check each smoke alarm in their home by pushing the test button at least once a month and replace batteries every year, or as needed. Fire escape plans should include at least two escape routes from every room in the home and a convenient meeting place at a safe distance from the home. Practice your escape plan at least twice a year and revise as necessary. Families are encouraged to pay particular attention to developing and regularly practicing escape plans for children and older adults.

It might not be your favorite fall activities, but I promise you, if your home ever catches on fire, it will be the best fall activity your family ever did.


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