Each year, the Greater Cincinnati-Dayton Region of the American Red Cross helps thousands of families who face the tragic loss of their home and belongings to disaster.

Felicia and James Wilson and their five children were one such family who benefitted from Red Cross assistance after losing their home to fire during the fall of last year.

The family escaped the house without injury, but their home was a total loss. In a matter of minutes, they had gone from having all the comforts of home to homeless.

Fortunately, a neighbor knew that the American Red Cross could help and placed a call to the Disaster Response Team. American Red Cross volunteers arrived while firefighters were still battling the fire. They provided the family with clothing, food and housing.

“It was such a tremendous blessing in our time of need. I don’t know what we would have done without the help of the Red Cross,” Felicia Wilson said.

The American Red Cross’ support didn’t end the night of the fire. Over the next few months, their support helped supply the family with clothes, bedding and Christmas gifts. It even helped provide a deposit on a new rental home.

The Wilson family has a new home and renewed hope thanks to the American Red Cross.

“Every time I think about the support we received, it makes me cry. We are all safe and are in a great place thanks to the Red Cross,” Wilson said.




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