The wacky and the wonderful: Red Cross in the news

There’s no telling what kind of disaster the Red Cross might be called to respond to—or when or where we might pop up in a media story. As evidence, here is a collection of some recent non-traditional Red Cross responses and recognitions:

+ In January, a snow whiteout caused a 40-car pileup on Interstate 74 just west of Cincinnati. Although it wasn’t what could be described as a traditional disaster, the Red Cross was called to the scene to provide hot chocolate, blankets, hand warmers and other items to the first responders at the scene, and to help with a temporary shelter that was set up for the stranded motorists.


+ Logan Pickett, a fourth grader from Hamilton, Ohio, was recently recognized for being such an outstanding volunteer, including efforts to help the Red Cross.


lottery+ Linda Windey, a suburban Cincinnati resident who won $1 million in the Powerball Lottery (picking all the right numbers except the Powerball), wanted to give back in an act of kindness and gratitude after picking up her seven-digit check. So she walked out of the Lottery office and across the street to a Red Cross bloodmobile and gave a pint of blood.


+ Home fires often render a home unlivable, and the Red Cross is then house crashcalled to help the homeowners find a place to stay until the home can be repaired. In December, the Red Cross had to help a homeowner in Dayton find shelter after his home was damaged by...a car that crashed into his house.


+ Media recognition comes in many different forms these days, including this posting by Cincinnati TV station WCPO on its Twitter page:
Walton Fire 122615 (11)


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