Honoring Veterans for Veterans Day

Veterans Day is November 14th and the Red Cross would like to create a photo essay/slide show for use on a variety of Red Cross social media platforms.  The photo essay/slide show would highlight 10-15 veterans who continue to serve their community/country by volunteering or working for the American Red Cross.  The Red Cross would like to request that everyone reach out and identify veterans in all lines of service.

 To make this work we will need:

1.    A high quality photo of a veteran(s) who volunteers or works for the region.  We would prefer a photo of them in action…if not we’ll take a nice head shot.

a.    Branded with Red Cross

b.    Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, & Coast Guard

c.    Variety of Red Cross jobs (DAT, ERV driver, PHSS, SAF volunteer/staff)

 2.    Don’t forget to secure photo/information releases for your subjects.  Please explain to each of the subjects that their images may be used for more than just this tribute project.(possible FR and marketing use)

 3.    A short paragraph about the vet that includes:

a.    Name

b.    Branch of service, rank

c.    What was their last duty assignment and what was their military job.

d.    How long have they been with the Red Cross and what do they do at the chapter.

e.    Just an example – Dudley Baker is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force who retired as Chief Master Sergeant after 25 years of service.  His last duty assignment was with 8th Fighter Wing at Kunsan, A.B. Korea where he served as the senior enlisted advisor to the installation commander.  Baker has been with the Red Cross for over 10 years and is currently an SAF Division Director. He continues serving his country by helping support the men and women of the U.S. Military with American Red Cross services. Please create your own short narrative about your Vet.

 4.    I’ll use the best 10-15 (or more) based on the quality of the photo and captions and try to cover each division.

 5.    The deadline to send the photos and captions to Cory Paul is October 19th.

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