Holidays for Heroes


About the Campaign: Each winter, the Red Cross collects holiday cards from individuals and corporations, and distributes them to veterans, active military members and their families during November and December as a way of brightening their holidays and saying soldiers-with-cardsthank you for their courageous and heroic service. This campaign, known as Holidays for Heroes, annually distributes more than 30,000 cards at VAs, nursing homes, local military units and any other place where active or retired veterans are located in the region. This includes airports for those military members traveling through the region at the time.

Although this is a national Red Cross campaign, all cards collected by the local chapter are distributed

How You Can Get Involved | Buy or create holiday cards, write a message of thanks or season’s greetings, and drop them off or mail them to your nearest Red Cross chapter. Or, blank cards are available at all Red Cross offices. Stop by and sign one or two there.

This is a great activity for school classes, Scout troops, church groups or social groups. Handmade cards, particularly from school children, are the most popular to receive.

For more details, call the Holidays for Heroes information line at 513-579-3004.

2015-12-01-10-29-23What You Need to Know | In order to make cards as meaningful as possible to a wide audience, we recommend you use generic titles such as “Dear Service Member, Veteran or Military Family Member” when writing the cards. You don’t want your “Dear Sailor” card ending up in the hands of a Marine.

Also, cards should not contain glitter, because some cards may end up at the bedside of a wounded service member and the glitter could aggravate existing health issues. And img_0602please don’t add any pictures, letters, checks, credit cards, wads of money, cookies, candy, guns, tanks, fighter jets or such items to the cards. A simple, handwritten note is what’s valued the most.

Double Your Effort | When you get done, take a picture of your work and share it with us on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Get Some Motivation | Check out these videos of others participating in the Holiday Mail for Heroes campaign.



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