Hurricane Matthew 2016

October 11, 2016. Dillon, South Carolina. Sally Bumgardner came to the Red Cross shelter in Dillon, South Carolina, because she wanted to help.  Ms. Bumgardner was at her parents’ home, where she grew up, when Hurricane Matthew hit the town of Dillon.  Just as the family thought the storm was over, and the winds had died down, the waters continued to rise, and covered the wheelchair ramps that Ms. Bumgardner relies upon to enter and exit the house.  After being confined to the house for 2 days, Ms. Bumgardner realized that her community was in need and came straight to the Red Cross shelter.  As she rolled into the shelter with a bright smile, she immediately asked the shelter staff if they needed ice, food or water, and offered whatever help she could provide. 
While sharing her story of the flood damage to her home and to that of her parents’ home, Ms. Bumgardner became overwhelmed with emotion, and said that she wanted to come and make a real difference for her neighbors by volunteering with the Red Cross in her community. Photo by Daniel Cima for the American Red Cross


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