Hurricane Matthew 2016

October 11, 2016. Dillon, South Carolina. “The bus was swaying with the wind and rain, and we had to dodge a pole,” said Nettia Yates, recounting the trip she had aboard a bus as it made its way from Columbia, SC, toward Dillon during the hurricane.  At one point, said Ms. Yates, “the water was almost up to the windows.”  Ms. Yates couldn’t get in touch with anyone as she finally got off the bus, and was stranded outside a closed storefront in the storm.  As Ms. Yates said, “A policeman came and asked if I was Ok.  I said ‘No.  I’m cold, I’m hungry and scared.  He says , ‘Ma’am, would you be comfortable going to the Red Cross shelter?’  And then it was better.” She smiled.
Gerald Hargrove left his home with only the clothes on his back, and was upset by the “mess that my home is” when he evacuated to come to the shelter.  He became friends with Ms. Yates when they met at the shelter, and the two have become companions in the face of adversity. Photo by Daniel Cima for the American Red Cross


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