Measles and Rubella Fundraising Campaign

St. Joseph School in Crescent Springs, KY, is the most recent school to conduct a very successful measles and rubella fundraising campaign. Measles is one of the most contagious diseases ever known and is an important cause of death and disability among young children worldwide. Rubella can cause severe birth defects in countries that have little or no vaccination help.thumbnail_img_0412-1

The measles virus will infect anyone who is not protected. These campaigns help in the effort of raising money, awareness and the importance of mass vaccinations of children in underdeveloped countries. In these countries, medical facilities are scarce and children are not routinely vaccinated.

Zachary Serra, an eighth grader at the school, led the campaign to an outstanding result for a school with just 300 students–$339.00! We thank and congratulate both Zachary and his Principal, Mrs. Cathy Stover, for recognizing what a good cause this is and getting the whole school behind it.

Anyone interested in helping to run a campaign in an elementary, high school, or college can contact Paula McIntosh, International Services Manager, at 513-579-3023 and email at You can also contact Alexa Gudelsky, at 513-579-3909 or for the inquiries.


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